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Avista temporarily reducing water discharge at Post Falls Dam

December 4, 2015
Beginning Monday Dec. 7, flows of the Spokane River will be reduced to accommodate the Sullivan Road West Bridge replacement project.

SPOKANE, Wash. – Dec. 4, 2015:  Avista will be reducing flows through Post Falls Dam to accommodate the Sullivan Road West Bridge replacement project. The flows will be reduced to between 1100 cfs and 1500 cfs below the Post Falls dam on Monday December 7. The decreased flow will allow the contractor for the bridge replacement to safely remove sandbags that are in the river bed.

The discharge from the dam will gradually be decreased over a four to five hour period so that the elevation of the river BELOW the dam decreases at no more than four inches per hour in accordance with the Spokane River Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license.  The elevation of the water ABOVE Post Falls dam (on the Spokane Street side of the dam) may rise a small amount as the discharge through the dam is decreased. 

Once the work is complete the river flows will be restored to normal fall flows and the elevation of the water above Post Falls dam will decrease back down to present levels. River recreationists should monitor flows by visiting avistautilities.com/waterflow when planning water-related activities.

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