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Outage Updates

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Information about current outages is available from your computer or your mobile device 24/7 on http://www.avistautilities.com, keyword: Power Outage. Outage reports are updated as quickly as possible.

Please remind viewers/readers that if their power is out, contact Avista and report it.

Report a power outage online, through your smartphone at http://www.avistautilities.com, or by calling 800-227-9187.

Outage safety messages:

  • Never touch any downed line, as it could be energized.
  • Turn off all the appliances you think were on before your power went out.
  • Unplug your electronic equipment, including computers.
  • Leave a light or radio on to let you know when you have service again.
  • Don’t wire an emergency generator into your home electrical system. Back-feed into power lines could injure or kill a lineman working to get electricity restored.
  • Use your generator to run only specific appliances – e.g. refrigerator -- and locate the generator outside so poisonous carbon monoxide fumes don’t enter your home.
  • Lower the thermostat on all your electric heat sources to an absolute minimum. Once your power comes back on, wait a half hour before you return your thermostat to a normal setting. If your furnace doesn’t kick in, call your heating/ventilation/air conditioning dealer.